Why Choose Us?


Whether your most daunting challenge is setting bold new directions, fostering strategic collaboration among diverse partners, or achieving sustainable results, our Breakthroughs team has over two decades of experience facilitating groups, organizations, and communities to work collaboratively in creating their desired futures.

Breakthroughs UNLIMITED Inc. has been supporting clients to implement successful organizational and community level change and transformation since 1990. Originally founded by Myriam Laberge and Don Haythorne, a select group of associates allows us to create strong project teams responsive to unique client needs. All of our services to clients are founded on participative processes that respect people, and release their commitment, energy and wisdom.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve assisted our clients to: craft compelling visions, plan for the future, renew their organizations, improve their processes, redesign their structures, clarify their values, build their teams, enhance their collaborative capacity, develop their leadership potential, engage their stakeholders, dialogue on complex issues, generate innovative solutions, and align around sustainable plans.


Commitment to Results: We are results-oriented. You get outcomes that are focused on your purpose and goals.

Broad Experience: In over 1,000 sessions, we've worked with groups as small as 5, to large meetings as large as 500, from the boardroom to the front line, and often in multi-stakeholder sessions involving employees, customers, suppliers, community members, as well as managers and directors. Our confidence is based on years of experience both as management consultants and as managers, and ongoing professional and personal development and learning.

Design: We deliver exceptional design, development, and facilitation processes proven across a wide range of settings and participant groups. After learning about your unique circumstances, culture and desired outcomes, we customize meeting designs and processes to achieve your targetted results.

Expertise. We understand the conditions for successful alignment, engagement, ownership and sustainable results, and offer methods for every step from planning through to implemention.

Flexibility. We bring skill and flexibility in the customized design of all programs and sessions to fit the culture and workplace setting of each client.

Commitment to Quality. Our service quality consistently meets and often exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Partnership Philosophy: We believe in collaboration and partnership, offering our group process expertise to help you develop your own unique answers.

Whole Systems Approach: We take a systems view, enabling you to balance your business, work and people requirements with your customer and stakeholder needs.

What Clients Say

''When I think of Myriam and Don, the phrases that come to mind are: dedication to the project and the team, creativity, integrity, and commitment to results! They have a very creative approach to problem-solving and team-building, and a strong commitment to getting a high level of participation. Their non-threatening and easy work processes ensure good response. Staff were able to understand their roles in the redesign processes, and therefore able to deliver high quality results with confidence, both during the conferences and after during the implementation phase. The high energy and commitment brought out by the Breakthroughs processes resulted in excellent teamwork.'' LJ, Regional Mgr. VanCity Savings Credit Union

"This was the best Strategic Planning session I have ever participated in; a 10 out of 10!" Commanding Officer Bev Busson, "E" Division RCMP

"Of the more than 50 strategic planning sessions I have been part of over my 30 years in business, this is simply the best I have ever been part of. " Al Morin, CEO, Assiniboine Credit Union

"Thank you so much for leading us through our plan. The whole organization, board and staff were enthused, energized, and ready to move on with our future. The plan shows us where we need to go. It was great to work with you! Lynne Kennedy, President, WESN

''The session was a very real success, and your breakthrough facilitation was a key reason we achieved so much.'' BH, Chair, NETCU Alliance

"We found the team-building process to be interactive, engaging, and thought provoking. A pleasant surprise for the staff was discovering that so many had the same interpretations of events and sets of values. The facilitators were professional, experienced, well prepared, and thorough. Finally, the process seems to have made the Office begin to feel like a team." Joan Fraser, Office of the Registrar, Athabasca University

"This was the best brainstorming session I've ever been part of!" Rosemary Holmes, Corporate Strategy & Planning, VanCity Savings Credit Union

"I was so impressed with the quiet way you got us to say how we felt about our future, then changed gears to begin the visioning, it was so cool! I cannot believe you got so much done in so short a time, and we were off and running ! Daphne McClean, Board Director, Global Peace Hut

"As facilitators, you have the key elements to achieve the results we wanted. Your experience in knowing how to manage/limit discussion, to provoke thought and to compel the participants to be involved were impressive. We got pretty much what we expected and were impressed by the professionalism of the facilitators and their efficiency." Staff Sergeant Fraser Macrae, North Vancouver RCMP Detachment

''We engaged Myriam and Don to help us clarify our commitment to quality, and integrate this into a Strategic Quality Plan. Their guidance and facilitation has focused our efforts, and with their excellent facilitation support, we have achieved extremely practical, participative, and time-efficient results. Breakthroughs UNLIMITED was particularly sensitive to the culture of our company, the nature of our business, and the needs of our people. They have assisted us in developing our unique approach to implementing TQM - one that reflects our business, our history, and our present situation. We have no hesitation in recommending the facilitation services of Myriam and Don to any organization intent on pursuing quality performance. They have demonstrated to us at Arrow Bulk, their own commitment to service excellence through professionalism, high standards of quality, and highly participative and effective processes.'' JWC, Jr., Vice-President, Arrow Transportation Systems Inc.

''I feel more a part of my organization. I now feel like my ideas and needs are also shared by others.'' DS, Member Service Representative, Mid-sized Credit Union

''Myriam and Don have profound people skills, a broad business perspective, and encourage the involvement of all levels of staff. Their participatory processes resulted in a high buy-in for change amongst staff on a level that we had never experienced before. I have 38 years of experience in the banking industry, and currently manage one of the largest credit union branches in Canada. In the field of facilitators and experts in the area of change, I hold and commend Breakthroughs UNLIMITED with the highest regard as among the finest that I have ever experienced or worked with.'' JS, Branch Manager, VanCity Savings Credit Union

''Myriam and Don help find ways to ensure broad yet effective participation of large groups. They are extremely skilled in large group facilitation. They take the time to work with managers to ensure a commitment to the process. They believe and demonstrate that groups can align themselves around common ground and develop shared ownership of new processes. They always include a component on team-building in their processes, in a ‘just-in-time' way. They encourage learning through documentation and by example, and they bring processes to a close. In recommending the services of Breakthroughs UNLIMITED Inc., I would stress a commitment to client satisfaction. Don and Myriam are flexible and custom build their processes to satisfy their clients' needs. I would note that their services include a process that also involves customers and staff. This may initially appear expensive, but has proven to be extremely effective and has long lasting impacts.'' PK, Service Improvement Manager, Community Services, City of Vancouver

''I have been involved in other planning exercises and they didn't even come close to what Breakthroughs offered us.'' Richard Pearce, Continuing Education V-P, Vancouver Community College.

''I feel very good about the process. Your evident integrity has been a key to my comfort level. You two are a terrific facilitation team.'' Public Information Officer, Municipal Government

''By gaining the trust and confidence of the workteam, Myriam and Don allowed the members to come to grips and to deal with some very, very difficult issues. Their support of the team, both collectively and as individuals, was a significant factor in the team's development and presentation of the ideal redesign vision to the department. Without their special contribution to support the success of the Customer Service Process Improvement Project, both with the workteam and the office as a whole, and especially through the rocky portions of the project, CSPIP would have floundered. I found their degree of commitment, their flexibility, good humour and ability to keep us all on track without preaching or nagging uniquely valuable, and their facilitation around all aspects of the process was excellent.'' MK, City Clerk, City Clerk's Office, City of Vancouver

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